Just because the 'season of giving' is now behind us, doesn't mean we can ignore the needs of those less fortunate until next year. In fact, let's start the new year off on the right foot by offering a helping hand to our local food banks. 

A couple of years ago, a contributor on Reddit began a thread which asked the question - "What's the one food you wish more people donated and why?". Check out the top 10 responses from volunteers and food pantry users.

  • 1


    Anything from pepper or oregano, to garlic and cayenne, can help make the blandest foods that much more enjoyable.

  • 2

    Feminine Products

    Imagine not being able to afford these items. Pads, tampons, etc. are always in demand and greatly appreciated!

  • 3

    Baking Ingredients

    Believe it or not, you can make a lot of things from scratch. That's why items such as cake mixes, sugar, flour, and baking soda are always appreciated.

  • 4


    The every day items that all of us use, but never think about - toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.

  • 5

    Baby Items

    We don't mean books, toys, or puzzles. We're talking about the necessities for any infant - diapers, wipes, baby food, bottles, and baby shampoo.

  • 6

    PB & J

  • 7

    Canned Meat

    You could make so many different things with some decent canned meat. Plus, think of how filling and full of protein the meals would be!

  • 8

    Diabetic Friendly Foods

    You wouldn't believe how few selections people with certain dietary restrictions have at a food pantry. Consider donating items like brown rice, whole grain items, reduced sugar items, etc.

  • 9

    Can Openers

    These are relatively cheap, but can make a world of difference to someone who lives on canned products.

  • 10


    Just as I'm sure you know, a little something decadent can go a long way. While food pantries are often stocked with staples, it's the luxury items, such as chocolate, that truly lift spirits.