Thanks to you, WPG Talk Radio 1450's Harry Hurley presented Sister Jean Webster's Kitchen with $1,320 on-air Monday morning during the "Hurley in the Morning" Program.

Harry received an on-air call on Tuesday, March 12th, whereby a plea was made to help raise $750 to purchase a head stone at her grave site. Sister Jean Webster was a well-known figure in Atlantic City who fed the poor for a quarter century. She died in January, 2011, at age 76.

Hurley confirmed that $130 still remains to be collected from the on-air pledges received by his program. This will bring the total proceeds raised by Harry's program to $1,450, fitting for WPG's 1450 AM dial position.

Peterson's Monument will fabricate the head stone, which hopefully will be completed within 12 weeks.

"My audience is one of the most caring and generous in the history of our market," said Hurley. "Sister Jean deserves this and I'm very grateful to our listeners for stepping up and making this happen."

Sister Debbie confirmed today on-air on "Hurley in the Morning" that she will be contacting Mayor Lorenzo Langford to request a day named in Sister Jean's honor. This day will coincided with a memorial service to dedicate the unveiling of Sister Jean Webster's head stone.