Don't they teach criminals to never return to the scene of the crime?

Especially the next day.

These 2 guys failed. Badly.

Police in Egg Harbor Township were first called to the ShopRite in the English Creek Shopping Center Monday night. A woman had reported the theft of her wallet from her purse.

According to EHT Police, one man had distracted her, while another man completed the theft.

The next day, store security called police saying the two suspects were back in the store. Apparently, they had just committed another such theft when they walked out of the store, and into the arms of Egg Harbor Township police officers.

Charged with 2 counts of theft were Lamont Howard, 45, of Atlantic City, and Anthony Roberts, 42, of Hamilton Township. Roberts was also charges with shoplifting. Both are being held in county jail.

SOURCE: Facebook - Egg Harbor Township Police

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