Law enforcement officials are concerned about the fact that there have been four heroin overdoses in Hamilton Township within the last few days.

There is a possibility that the four overdoses are linked to the same batch of the deadly drug.

According to a release from the Hamilton Township Police Department, police responded to two overdoses over the weekend, one Monday and one Tuesday.

It was revealed that the two overdoses this past weekend were possibly linked to the same heroin distributor. Red wax fold bags were recovered from both scenes.  Monday's overdose, along with today's overdose, involved the recovery of blue wax fold bags.

Similar blue wax fold bags were linked to an overdose incident that occurred on April 18, 2016. The Township of Hamilton Police Department is releasing this information in an attempt to warn the community of these incidents.

Behind the concern in this matter, in addition to local law enforcement agencies, is the New Jersey State Police Drug Monitoring Initiative Program. The program is designed to identify similar overdose incidents.

Authorities ask that if you have helpful information about this matter, that you contact the Township of Hamilton Police Department at 609-625-2700 Ext. 570, or  Atlantic County Crimestoppers at 1-800-658-8477

SOURCE: Hamilton Township Police Department Release

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