Black Friday is a just days away. Here are some things to pass up this Black Friday.

Black Friday will feature some killer deals but, according to Fox News you shouldn't even bother looking for these 4 items:


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    The Monday before Thanksgiving is the best and cheapest day for buying that new smart TV, tablet or video game consoles.

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    You'll get better deals on toys if you start the weekend before Thanksgiving. The hot toys for 2015 are going to be toys based from "Frozen" and the new "Star Wars" movie. Razor Scooters, Hot Wheels, Lego and Barbie, American Girl dolls will also be hot ticket items.

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    The best day to buy Jewelry is Thanksgiving Day. You can get discounts of up to 25%. Many items will be out of stock If you wait until December.

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    Clothing and apparel won't change much when it comes to shopping and deals. You'll be able to get better discounts on Thanksgiving Day. Clothing and apparel prices do drop even more in December.