Four passengers on board an EgyptAir flight to New York that made an emergency landing over a threat found in a bathroom are seeking asylum from England.


Egypt Air flight on the ground in Scotland (Twitter)

EgyptAir CEO Tawfeek Asi tells WNBC TV that the 5 passengers aboard flight 985 are Syrian. A police spokesman could not confirm their identity.

The plane arrived at Kennedy Airport early on Sunday morning after all passengers were interviewed by police in Glasgow.  British fighter aircraft escorted the plane from Cairo after a passenger discovered a letter onboard threatening to blow up the aircraft, officials said Saturday.

 A BBC New York producer on board the flight told the Daily Mail she found the letter in a bathroom by the sink written on a napkin in pencil in a child-like handwriting.

"When I went in to change my daughter about three hours into the flight, I found a note by the sink saying 'I'll set this plane on fire' with the seat number 46 D written on it.So I immediately went to the crew and told them about it."

Police have believe they have found the pencil used to write the note according to WCBS.

The Associated Press contributed to this report