Now that December is here, everyone’s really getting into the holiday spirit, and when it comes to being festive, some towns just seem to get more into it than others.

Lifestyle blog ranked the Top 10 Christmas Towns in NJ, described as “specific towns with the most magnificent myriad of holiday celebrations.”

More than half of them are right here in our area, proving that South Jersey rules the holiday season! Cape May, Smithville, Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Medford were all named for their various exhibits, holiday events, and general Christmas-y feel!

So who else made the cut for best towns for Christmas?

1. Cape May
2. Historic Smithville
3. Morristown
4. Cranbury
5. Ocean City
6. Chester
7. Red Bank
8. Princeton
9. Atlantic City
10. Medford

To check out the full list, click HERE.