On Super Bowl Sunday, I want to hang out by the TV and spend time watching the game and all the commercials, not sweating in my kitchen. So here are a bunch of easy snacks for lazy people.

  • 1

    Gardetto's Snack Mix

    I prefer this over Chex Mix, the selection of ingredients and abundance of bagel chips makes it superior.

  • 2

    Crescent Roll Hand-Held Stromboli

    Unroll some Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough, fill each triangle with a couple pieces of pepperoni and tons of mozzarella cheese, and bake for 12 min.

  • 3

    Lipton Spinach Dip

    The good ol' stand by made with this veggie mix. Serve with tortilla chips and you're done.

  • 4

    Skillet Loaded Fries

    Bake up some steak fries, then throw em into a skillet and top with cheddar cheese, bacon, scallions, olives, and whatever you can fit. Slide the whole thing in the oven until melted.

    Logics Cast Iron Skillet/Walmart; Chen Ping-Hung/ThinkStock
  • 5

    Bacon in a Cup

    Bake the bacon for this, don't fry in a pan because you want it to stay really flat. I like to place an additional baking sheet on top of the bacon in the first couple minutes of cooking to press it down. Then, serve standing up in a cup. Easiest. App. Ever.

  • 6

    Break-Apart Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Yep. The cookie dough already cut into little squares. Who wants to pull out a giant mixer on Game Day? Just bake and serve.