$6000 for a school bathroom sink? At that price, why not buy two?

$6,000 per sink was the cost for two sinks the Absecon School District had installed last summer. The shocking revelation was discussed during Tuesday's meeting of the Absecon School Board.

According to the Absecon Current, "the $6,000 sinks were installed as part of a project paid for by a $5.2 million bond referendum approved by district voters last year. The bond referendum provided funding for roofing, flooring and lighting repairs in addition to renovating some of the school complex’s restrooms that date back half a century."

The story says the pricey sinks each have two wash basins, integrated soap dispensers, motion-sensing water faucets and a drain.

A quick search for similar school bathroom sinks found prices ranging from $800 to about $2 grand.