According to Wikipedia, a ghost town is described as a town that has been abandoned or an unoccupied residential area. These places can peak the interest of any adventurer!    

Apparently, New Jersey has its fair share of a long-gone towns which make for unique experiences and fascinating conversations!

We put together this guide of some of the coolest New Jersey ghost towns that you can explore yourself.

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    Weymouth, Atlantic County

    The village of Weymouth was built around a bog iron furnace in the 1800's. The furnace was shut down by the 1840's, and after two paper mills were closed most of the residents left for good. Weymouth Township is included in the state-designated Pinelands Area.


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    Batsto Village, Burlington County

    Batsto Village is situated in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and runs along RT. 542 in Burlington County.The town got its unusual name from the Swedish word, Batstu, meaning bathing place. From the late 1700's through the 1880's, the village was know for agriculture and glass making.

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    Allaire Village, Monmouth County

    Located in Allaire Park in Wall Township, New Jersey, Allairie Village was a 19th century iron making town. You could spend an entire day walking the park's beautiful trails, visiting the quaint shops and museum. Be sure to take the train tour on of the park!

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    Gloucester Furnace, Atlantic County

    Going back the New Jersey Pine Barrens, you can find Gloucester Furnace, which was originally built around 1813 and was deserted by 1848. Not much remains today, but you can get a great view of the Egg Harbor Lake.

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    Atsion Abandoned School House, Atlantic County

    There's just something creepy about an abandoned school house. Atison is located in a New Jersey state forest and was founded around 1826. The town was known for cotton making.