It has been a cool spring thus far, with some nighttime temperatures in New Jersey dipping into the 30s, but experts say that's not out of the ordinary.

Jerry Markland, Getty Images

"We haven't really changed the pattern much from what we had during the winter," said meteorologist Walter Drag of the National Weather Service in Mount Holly.

That pattern is colder temperatures, inspired in part by a low-dipping jet stream that brought cool Canadian air farther south. Dave Robinson, state climatologist at Rutgers, says this spring might be a bit cooler, but it is still typical.

"But in a sense, it's always this battle between winter failing to relinquish its grip at times and summer trying to butt in," Robinson said.

Robinson also speculated that after our brutal, cold and snowy winter, some of us may have formed a more idealistic expectation for spring. He thinks that maybe some New Jerseyans just thought it would be warmer and more pleasant that it actually has been.

However, Robinson did say that all of last week's rain could actually help us when conditions get hotter -- and drier.