CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE — A South Jersey woman is on a quest to reunite a computer memory card she found with its owner. She hopes the karma from her efforts will help her as well.

Tammy Tozer told Townsquare Media she was in New York with her husband Chris and their son for their wedding anniversary last weekend when she spotted the card on the ground near the Freedom Tower.

"I know if I lost my SD card, especially with 1,800 pictures, I'd be devastated," Tozer said.

Tozer went through the photos to try to find its owner. Photos include shots from a wedding.

She said that while the wedding pictures are getting all the attention, those only amount to about a dozen.

"The rest are pictures from Brussels, Austria and Athens. They traveled an awful lot a lot from March from June," which Tozer joked makes her jealous because they're all picture of places she would like to go. "Some of them are just stunning but I am trying to do a good deed and I believe in karma and I believe it comes back 10 fold."

Tozer hopes that good karma will also help her find a kidney.

"I'm in full blown kidney failure and I'm currently looking for a recipient for a kidney transplant so I would hope that my good deed goes to somebody doing a good deed for me and possibly getting me a kidney."

The 38-year-old is shocked at the attention she is getting.

"I never thought in a million years that I would post it on Facebook and it would have over 3,500 shares in two days. I never thought something I would do would get so much attention.

Tozer said one man who is in an orchestra on Broadway who has seen the pictures in the media thinks the card is his. She says she is trying to verify.

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