New Jersey doesn't look to be getting away completely rain-free for Fourth of July Weekend, but there will be enough sun -- starting Thursday -- and seasonable temperatures to keep mostly everybody happy.

evryka23, ThinkStock

Sun appears in abundance during the daytime hours on Thursday, with high temperatures in the middle 80s for most of the state and lower 80s along the Jersey Shore. Cloud cover moves in overnight, with the possibility of a few showers in Central and South Jersey after midnight. Overnight lows will be in the mid-60s.

The rain sticks around, to a degree, on Friday. Scattered clouds will produce the occasional shower or even thunderstorm, with daytime highs again in the mid-80s. But all of that clears up by Saturday, when the Garden State will again see sunny skies all day. High temps could dip to the low 80s or even a 79 here or there, with a northwest breeze added to the mix.

Right now, the forecast is similar for Sunday and Monday. Both days carry the threat of an afternoon storm in South Jersey, with skies turning from sunny to partly cloudy. Temperatures will climb possibly into the high 80s during peak daytime hours. It's not a cloudless outlook, but one that should still hold up well for any holiday cookouts or events you may have planned.

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