A weak front moved through New Jersey Wednesday night causing temperatures to drop and skies to clear for Thursday.

Did you notice the cold front that moved through the Garden State last night? Probably not. There have been a few tiny snow flurries flying around, and temperatures are fairly chilly for Thursday morning (mostly in the 20s). It's certainly not a full-fledged "arctic blast" like we experienced last weekend. But, with New Jersey on the edge of a cooler air mass, temperatures will be held noticeably below normal through the end of the workweek. Don't worry, there are warmer temperatures ahead!

Thursday will feature quite a bit of golden sunshine, always a pleasant addition to the forecast in the middle of winter. Having said that, don't be surprised to see some extra clouds build in for Thursday afternoon. Meanwhile, the aforementioned cooler air will limit high temperatures to the mid 30s or so. And it will feel extra-chilly, with a stiff breeze up to about 20 mph through the day. So, bundle up, but also be sure to bask in some of those rays of sunshine today too.

Clouds increase through the day on Friday, as high temperatures recover to the upper 30s to lower 40s. Still quiet.

As a storm system pushes well north of New Jersey from Friday evening through early Saturday morning, we will see a chance for a few rain or snow showers. Even though the NAM continues to paint a more widespread solution, I still think these raindrops and snowflakes will be limited to North Jersey. That's if they even make it down this far at all.

The effects of a warm front will be felt for the upcoming weekend. On Saturday, high temperatures will zoom into the mid to upper 50s - I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of 60-degree readings too! It will be breezy and partly sunny.

By Sunday, another weak cold front will knock those warm temperatures down a notch. But our weather will remain mild, with highs in the lower to mid 50s. The partly sunny skies and stiff breeze should continue for Sunday too, and we could see some showers develop by Sunday evening.

While Monday's weather stays quiet, we'll be watching our next significant storm system to affect New Jersey in the Tuesday to Wednesday time frame. At this time, it is way way WAY too early to accurately predict the impacts of this storm. (Some have already done so on social media. And they're wrong.) This will be a case where the exact storm track and timing will have a huge difference on exactly what we see (snow vs. rain).

Could New Jersey see big impacts if this storm maintains a "warm" forecast? Yup. Could New Jersey see significant snow or ice totals if this forecast trends colder? Yup. Do we know with any confidence or certainty which solution will play out? Nope. Worth watching? Most definitely.

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