South Jersey figures to become more attractive to travelers, as United Airlines makes flights to and from Chicago and Houston available from Atlantic City International Airport.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Tuesday marks the first flights to Chicago's O'Hare and Houston's George Bush International Airports, two of the country's largest hubs, enabling one connecting stop across the country as well as to Latin America and Asia.

"When you go to Houston, for example, you can connect to 63 other destinations," said Liza Cartmell, president of the Atlantic City Alliance, "and if you connect through Chicago you can connect to 53 destinations."

The move opens up Atlantic City as a resort destination. According to Cartmell, the city already has a marketing plan in anticipation of the expanded market.

"We put together a media plan where we're promoting Atlantic City as a destination in the Houston and Chicago marketplace(s) over the next six months with billboards, radio, and all sorts of digital marketing," Cartmell said.

In addition to appealing to visitors who want to take advantage of the city's shopping, gambling, entertainment, and dining options, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority will be reaching out to Chicago and Houston's business communities.

"It provides an easy access for some of the convention center clientele who are being courted by the CRDA to bring in more meetings," Cartmell said.

Ultimately, Cartmell sees the move as being a net benefit to travelers in the area, especially since it lets them avoid the hassle of using busier airports in New York and Philadelphia.

"This is a very simple, easy airport to get to," Cartmell said. "The parking is dirt cheap, it's a relatively new, updated facility so it's very easy to get in and out, and comparatively it's a much more 'civilized' experience."