EVIL KIN 1x05 Brothers in Arms by mackie33

Bruce J. Post in his current mugshot (left) and in one from 2011.

The suspected white supremacist arrested in the woods of Lacey Township with a stockpile of weapons is "Brus Post," a Hamilton man featured in the TV show "Evil Kin."

His online booking record reveals his alias.

The show portrayed Brus Post — identified during his weekend arrest as Bruce J. Post — and his brother Joe as an inseparable pair whose childhood pranks grew more serious as they became teens eventually getting involved with gangs — and eventually murder.

According to a 2013 column in the Trentonian, Post's younger brother, Joe, was sentenced to life for the brutal 1995 murder of Andrew Whited after Whited's own release from prison. According to that report, Joe Post was worried that Whited has told police about his gang's drug business.

During a party celebrating Whited's return from prison, Joe Post stabbed Whited twice in the chest as they watched the movie  "Pulp Fiction," the column says, recounting earlier news reports. As Whited fought back, he was stabbed a total of 25 times before Joe slit his throat.

Brus was charged for cleaning up the murder scene and ultimately testified against his brother, according to the "Evil Kin" program.

In the episode, Hamilton police Sgt. Salvatrore Chianese said that the brothers were always together and feared as they broke into homes. "They got a thrill of terrifying people," Chianese said of the brothers on the show.

Brus Post often goose-stepped like a Nazi through Hamilton neighborhood, dressed in aNazi uniform then-producer Lisa Coyrell said in the "Evil Kin" piece. He hand delivered notes threatening to kill kids in the neighborhood, it said. Coyrell is now a public information officer for the New Jersey Attorney General's Office.

In mugshots from his arrest this weekend and another in 2011, his hair is styled to closely resemble Adolf Hitler's.

Reporter Kevin Shea is quoted in the piece saying a Nazi bunker was found in the woods with a sign warning trespassers they would be shot.

According to the Trentonian column, "Hamilton police once accused Brus Post of assaulting a woman they wouldn’t identify by name. In response to a report in The Trentonian about it, he complained that that was 'no lady' he’d beaten up, 'that was my wife.'

In 2011, Brus was charged with driving the getaway car after two teenage girls robbed the Aeropostale store at the Jackson Premium Outlet in Jackson the Times of Trenton reported at the time. The Outlet is located near where Joe Post is accused of dumping Whited's body in 1995.

Lacey Police and other law enforcement swept 60 square miles of rural wooded area in Lacey and Ocean Township on Sunday looking for possible criminal activity and trespassers on private property with off-road vehicles.

They found Post in the woods wearing combat gear with an AK-47, a Walther P38 9mm handgun, eight 30-round high-capacity magazines, and one 100-round drum magazine, and various forms of ammunition, police said.

According to Lacey Police, there were indications we was involved with white supremacists. Post is currently being held in the Ocean County Jail in lieu of $400,000 bail.

Another man with whom Post was found has not yet been charged, but police say he could be. They're asking anyone with information on the investigation to contact Lieutenant Michael DiBella or Officer Michael Eden of the Lacey Township Police Department at 609-693-6636.

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