The Star-Ledger added its editorial voice to the call for Gov. Chris Christie to resign, with the newspaper's editorial board saying he no longer has any credibility and does not have the state's best interests at heart.

In an editorial titled "Chris Christie, resign for N.J.'s sake," the board wrote Christie "has made it abundantly clear that governing New Jersey is a distant second priority for him, far behind the demands of his personal ambition."

The editorial in the state's most circulated newspaper accuses the Republican of a negligent response to "every crisis during his disastrous second term." The editorial ticks off Atlantic City's approaching bankruptcy, funding of the Transportation Trust Fund and the disrepair of the transit system with a veiled reference to the Hudson River tunnel as issues the governor has failed to address.

It follows another joint editorial by Gannett New Jersey's six newspapers this week also calling for Christie's resignation.

The editorial also questioned Christie's character with his endorsement of the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump that, in the board's words, cost him "any last shred of credibility" — as Christie was trashing Trump just a few weeks ago during his own presidential campaign.

"Christie's distraught expression as he stood with Trump during the press conference on Super Tuesday showed that even he can barely stomach this act of hypocrisy and opportunism," wrote the newspaper's editorial board.

The newspaper asks rhetorically how much time the governor will spend out of state campaigning for Trump: "Will he continue to bill New Jersey taxpayers for his security detail, in effect forcing us all to make an indirect contribution to a bigot when we pay our taxes?

Christie, in an appearance on WPG's "Ask the Governor" Monday, defended his endorsement of Trump, saying he disagreed with Trump on several issues but believed the mogul could defeat Hillary Clinton.

“I think Donald Trump’s the best guy, and I’m not an on-the-sidelines guy. I’m not going to be one of these people who sits on the side and snipes,” Christie said. He also said he knew the endorsement "would make some people upset."

The Star-Ledger editorial also accuses Christie of lying about Bridgegate and an "imaginary friendship with the King of Jordan," and of flipping his position on guns, immigration "and a full menu of other core issues."

"Better to hand off to Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, and hold a special election this fall, as provided in the Constitution. That would have the added benefit of allowing the next governor to start work on repairs a year early," the newspaper wrote, calling on Christie to take a moral inventory and resign to avoid a recall election.

"The best answer for New Jersey would be for the governor to quit on his own. It's time for fresh leadership in this state. Christie has done enough damage," concludes the editorial.

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