Work is just about done on the latest section of Ocean City Boardwalk to get a facelift and it really looks good!

Ocean City Boardwalk Reconstruction - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

Who doesn't love the Ocean City Boardwalk? It's block after block of good ol' fashioned family fun. And if you haven't been there in a while, head down before the crowds of spring and summer take over the city and check out the latest few blocks that have received a facelift.

Back in the fall of 2014, the boardwalk in front of Gillian's Wonderland Pier was torn up and replaced. This past fall and winter, the 7th and 8th Street sections were redone and it looks amazing.

Ocean City Boardwalk Reconstruction - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

And here's a tip from me to you: go there soon. The smell of fresh cut lumber with the salty sea air is really mesmerizing and something that you usually don't get to experience.

Over the next few seasons, the boardwalk reconstruction will make its way down past the Ocean City Music Pier and go all of the way down to 12th Street by Jilly's. So, until then, if you are a Jersey Shore boardwalk traditionalist and like your boardwalk to have some planks that stick-up just a little bit with some that sag a little lower -- head south. If you prefer a bump-free walk or ride, go north.

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