If it seems to you like rude behavior in public is becoming the new normal, many New Jerseyans would agree with you. The problem has become especially bad at shows, concerts and movies.

What annoys you at the movie theater? (Jani Bryson, ThinkStock)

Shoppers in Mercer County complained about all sorts of annoying things other people do that drive them crazy.

"The lights from the cell phone is probably one of the most annoying things," one shopper said.

Another shopper nearby chimed in, saying "I don't like the smell of the people - if I smell them right next to me, like I have to endure that for the entire movie, which is unbearable."

George from Trenton said several things annoy him.

"What I find annoying is people leave food on the chair, you know it's so sticky," he said. "And the people who are behind me keep kicking me on the back of the chair."

He added "the talking, the constant talking, and sometime they saw the movie before already, and they tell me what's about to happen and I say I'm new here, I don't know what's going to happen."

A shopper nearby said her pet peeve is "somebody who's sick and coughing."

Her friend said she found it annoying when people are moving in their seats, kicking and fidgeting.

"People who talk are extremely annoying in the movie for what it costs, it's just horrible to be distracted by everyone else around you," said Mike from Hamilton.

His friend said "I think it's the loud crunching, I guess popcorn, I don't know what they're eating."

Janice from Ewing said many things bother her at the movies.

"People who get up and move around in the middle of the movie, as though nothing was happening," she said. "And when the movie is totally empty and my husband and I go in and sit down and then someone comes in and sits right next to us when they could have had their choice of any seat in the movie."

She adds it's also "the people who walk into the movie and then stop dead so that you have to ask them to please move out of the way."

Another shopper said "it's got to be the talking on the phones and the phones going off all the time. You see all these lights in your face all around you, and then behind you, beep beep beep beep."

Ellen from Trenton said "I find the talking back to the screen is most annoying, because it seems the moviegoers expect a response."