An online article claims that Bridgeton and Atlantic City are 2 of the most miserable places to live in New Jersey.

Thanks. Thanks a lot. has come up with a list of the "10 Most Miserable Cities in New Jersey." Newark is at the top of the list, followed immediately by Bridgeton and Atlantic City. No other South Jersey cities are on the list.

According to the author, this is the criteria used in determining the "most miserable":

  • Percentage of residents with a college degree

  • Average commute times

  • Employment rates

  • Cost of living

  • Crime

  • Sunny days

  • % of married couples

  • % of homeowners

About Bridgeton, the author said:

One thing is for sure – Bridgeton is the absolute cheapest place to live in the state. There’s a reason homes are so inexpensive, though. (Incidentally, only 38% of residents in Bridgeton are homeowners, which is really low).

Job security has a way of making people happy. Only a quarter of the population has a college degree, which might explain why 10% are out of work, and that most families here struggle on a month to month basis.

For Atlantic City, here's what the article says:

Yes, Atlantic City is a really bad place for crime, even if lots of the crime happening is related to tourism. It has a way of making the rest of the community a little down in the dumps. Did you know AC has the shortest commute time in the state? People only spend 20 minutes in their cars each way. That means lots more time to spend with…yourself? Only 35% are married, which is the 10th lowest rate in the state.

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