In an exclusive interview Wednesday morning with Harry Hurley, Atlantic City City Council President Marty Small said he had no idea Mayor Don Guardian would be standing next to Gov. Christie at a press conference that talked about the state taking over the city.

Steve Sweeney, Gov. Chris Christie, and Don Guardian - YouTube

Council President Small said his initial information was that there was going to be a meeting at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, which was canceled, then a meeting at 2:30, which was canceled, then a press conference was held at 2:30 that, "shocked [me] and other members of council." Small also said that he called Mayor Guardian and voiced his displeasure at how the whole situation was handled, calling it an, "extreme disappointment."

Hurley called the deal possibly the best deal that the city could get, under the circumstances, and that's why the mayor was standing next to Gov. Christie and Senate President Steve Sweeney Tuesday afternoon -- because he had to. Hurley also opined that Mayor Guardian looked like a hostage at times, reading his body language during the press conference.

Hear Harry's interview with Marty Small in its entirety here:

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