Tourists to Atlantic City are being greeted with a renovated boardwalk, expansive shopping outlets, and more non-gaming entertainment options, but some visitors are still voicing concerns.

Atlantic City (Flickr user Shinya Suzuki)

One major concern is Revel Casino, which was heralded as a landmark entertainment option in the city but has had public struggles with low gambling revenues, layoffs, and management changes.

"We probably shouldn't have built that one extra casino," laments an LBI man visiting the promenade, who notes the slipping gaming revenues are indicative in the shift of the gaming landscape.

"There's too many casinos now in Philly, Delaware, and all over place."

Prior to the CRDA's process of improving the Tourism District, many of the concerns stemmed from expanding Atlantic City beyond the boardwalk.

While the Tangier Outlets gave visitors a destination and increased security in the area made for a safer experience, some visitors are complaining some parts still have a look reminiscent of "old Atlantic City."

"The back of the casinos of the casinos, they're deplorable. Dirty, filthy alleyways."