If a resolution is agreed upon by the Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders on January 12th, the county may soon be housing inmates from Gloucester County.

According to a press release, Atlantic County is poised to enter into a shared services agreement with Gloucester County that will permit Atlantic County to accept adult inmates from Gloucester County at the Atlantic County Justice Facility in Mays Landing for a fee of almost $90 per day, per inmate. If the resolution is approved, Atlantic County will accept up to 25 female and 50 male inmates from Gloucester County for a period of two years.

County Executive Dennis Levinson says the jail has been consistently below full capacity for some time and, "this is a unique opportunity for Atlantic County to generate additional revenue and further ensure the efficient and cost effective operation of our jail.” The press release states the county jail can hold 900 people, but it averages around 700.

Atlantic County previously approved a similar shared services agreement last summer that allows the county to accept as many as 150 inmates from Burlington County.

The proposed resolution is on the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders agenda for Tuesday, January 12th.

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