The Democrat who will almost certainly face off against Chris Christie in the fall gubernatorial campaign is criticizing his budget address.

David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ

“He talked about turning Trenton upside down, and you know if he turned Trenton upside down it was just to shake the loose change out of the pockets of the middle class”, says New Jersey State Senator Barbara Buono.

She says the Governor in his speech did not own up to the fact that his choices and policies have crushed the middle class, and his rhetoric just doesn’t match reality.

Buono also stresses Christie did not present a plan to address New Jersey’s highest unemployment rate in 30 years, and he didn’t address how the current budget shortfall will be dealt with.

“The property tax burden has increased 20 percent, and we’re lagging behind the rest of the nation in economic growth” said Buono, “and we’re facing a skyrocketing cost of higher education…there was no touch of reality.”

Buono is the only democrat to announce her desire to run against Christie, who has a 74 percent approval rating in recent polls, the highest rating in more than a decade.