Every penny counts in an expensive state like New Jersey, and it appears hosting Thanksgiving this year in the Garden State is a few bucks cheaper than last year.

Feeding a table of 10 costs much more in New Jersey compared to the national average, as always, but the damage isn't as bad as 2015's grand total.

Using the latest survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation, which examines the national average price of a classic holiday meal, we traveled to a Monmouth County supermarket to see how New Jersey's prices compare.

The menu — consisting of turkey, fresh cranberries, stuffing, pumpkin pie mix and more — would set you back $60.85, which is $3.10 cheaper than last year. Nationally, the feast costs $49.87.

Leading the way for a cheaper tab in New Jersey is the price of the pièce de résistance — a 16-pound turkey. The price-per-pound is significantly lower than in 2015 when prices spiked due to the bird flu outbreak in the Midwest.

Price decreases on sweet potatoes, cubed stuffing, rolls and milk also help.

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