I think most New Jerseyans would agree this winter so far has been mild, to say the least -  remember Christmas Day’s temperatures in the 60s?

As you have likely felt if you’ve been outside today, a brisk westerly wind is delivering some very cold air to New Jersey. This deep pool of arctic air is forcing temperatures well below zero across the Northern Plains. Several inches of snow are forecast from Montana to the Midwest.

As for New Jersey? Here are the big weather impacts to expect this week:

COLD… Temperatures will hover in the 30s for Monday afternoon, before plummeting overnight into the teens. Highs on Tuesday and Wednesday will struggle to reach 30 degrees. Thursday looks to be the most frigid day of the week, with low temperatures potentially in the single digits and highs only in the 20s. There is unfortunately no temperature recovery on the horizon through the weekend, although no major storm systems are expected either.

WIND… Making the cold air worse will be a brisk wind, gusting over 30 mph at times. These blustery conditions add a definite “bite” to the cold air - called “wind chill” - which makes that air feel significantly colder to bare skin than the temperature indicates. Wind chills will likely be in the single digits and teens for most of the week.

SNOW… As a clipper system pushes past New Jersey on Tuesday, light snow is expected through much of the daytime hours. Because high temperatures will be in the mid 20s, this will be an all-snow event. Assuming that we do see several hours of persistent light snow during the day on Tuesday, I think the possibility is there for a widespread 1 to 2 inches of light, fluffy snow accumulation.

This combination of cold temperatures, blustery winds and light snow accumulations will certainly make it feel more like winter. Bundle up, stay warm and stay safe!