Longtime Big Ten commissioner believes that the controversy surrounding the Rutger University athletic department will "calm down" in the days ahead.

Jim Delany, Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference speaks during a press conference at Yankee Stadium (Jason Szenes/Getty Images)

Speaking at Yankee Stadium on Monday for an announcement about a long-term partnership for the Pinstripe Bowl, Delany told the New York Daily News that "(Rutgers) will make it through. They will make their decisions and the Big Ten will be as supportive as we always are with our members." He would not address specific individuals connected to Rutgers issues.
Delany, who has been the Big Ten's commissioner for 24 years, said that currently “I don’t have the magic wand to make it calm. To be honest, issues of personnel, decisions made by a selection committee — those are not conference matters. Those are local matters.”

He is scheduled to visit the Rutgers campus on Thursday and Friday and is scheduled to meet with incoming Athletic Director Julie Hermann whose appointment has been clouded by controversy over her past coaching tactics and a sexual discrimination lawsuit.

A New Job Tim Pernetti?

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany shakes hands with Tim Pernetti, Athletic Director, during a press conference announcing that Rutgers University is joining the Big Ten Conference in November (Elsa/Getty Images)

The man she is succeeding, Tim Pernetti, is said to be under consideration for a position within the Big Ten where he is well respected. Delany had "no information" about that during a press conference according to the New York Daily News.

Many alumni financial supporters of the athletic department, however, are still hopeful Pernetti will return to Rutgers. Andy Sisti, founder of the I Support Tim Pernetti Facebook page, has been a stong supporter of Pernetti. He tells News 12 New Jersey that $50 million in donations are on hold as boosters wait for situation to play out.

Rutgers is scheduled to join the Big Ten next year.