Those annoying road construction slowdowns and jams may not be the fault of the NJ DOT.

Flickr User Dougtone

"The DOT or the contractor hired by DOT is not responsible for moving the utility company's infrastructure," Assemblyman Scott Rumana said.

Rumana is promoting his legislation that would require power and other utilities get their poles, wires and pipes out of the way of a road project before they cause an untimely delay.

"The delay in moving that equipment is a big cause for why road projects get delayed, and the impact of that is quite severe," Rumana explained.

His legislation was recommended by the State Transportation Department to the bi-partisan Red Tape Review Commission. It requires utilities to pay for any cost caused by their delay in relocating facilities for road work.

Rumana says requiring New Jersey utilities to pay for delays will compel them to act in what he calls, "the public's interest," which means projects will be completed faster at lower cost.