Police in Bridgeton working all night have made progress in determining how a Delaware woman wound up dead on a street.

Street in Bridgeton where a woman was found dead (WPVI TV)

Police have identified the woman found on McCormick Place near Pearl Street in Bridgeton on Wednesday night around 6:30 p.m. as Bernadette Montgomery, a 54-year-old woman from New Castle, Delaware according to WPVI TV. She was discovered by a passer-by and had no identification on her.


They have also identified the driver of a car that hit Montgomery but have yet to determine if the driver was aware they struck someone. They were also able to view surveillance video from a liquor store that shows a NJ Transit bus entered the area 10 minutes prior to her body being discovered.

Police also took a NJ Transit bus away from the scene unsure of its involvement in the incident. They have interviewed 3 bus drivers who were driving the route last night. according to WPVI TV.

WMGM TV reports skid marks were found on the pavement near the woman's body.