Another case of a dog being left outside in the brutal cold has been reported and the Atlantic County SPCA said it will press charges against the owners of two dogs that were left outside on Monday.

SPCA inspector Kate Warden found a dead puppy in its dog house outside a home in Buena Vista on Monday after receiving an anonymous call. A second dog was taken from the property in poor condition and passed away during the night.

Warden said the SPCA has spoken with the owners of the dogs who offered no explanation as to why the pair, believed to be mother and son, were left outdoors with temperatures in the teens. The owners will be charged with "at least" two charges of animal cruelty, according to Walden.

There have been a few cases of dogs being left outdoors in Atlantic County "but nothing this extreme," said Walden who has served as an SPCA inspector for four years. "But we do have a lot of outdoor animals."

Only Egg Harbor City has an extreme weather ordinance prohibiting dogs from being left outdoors, according to Walden, who believes there is "a lot of momentum" to get more ordinances passed. Otherwise, Walden simply said "bring them inside" and do not leave any pets outdoors in the winter or the heat of summer.

A pitbull was left outdoors in Parsippany on Tuesday morning tied to a fence with a frozen dish of water and a bag of food. Police are still looking for that dog's owner.

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