As the Barbara Buono gubernatorial campaign prepares to launch its first commercial, Governor Chris Christie counters with another ad that continues to link her to the Corzine administration.

Screen shot from Barbara Buono's TV ad, "Another New Jersey" (YouTube)

The Buono commercial, titled "Another  New Jersey," will run in the New York television market only at a cost of $1 million starting Tuesday.  The state's most populated areas of the state will see the commerical, leaving out most of south Jersey that receive Philadelphia television station on their cable system.

Christie's ad will begin running immediately as part of a campaign already running.

In the Bono commercial the state Senator from New Brunswick compares Governor Chris Christie's optimistic view of the economy with a far less positive outlook. "I see another New Jersey, with four hundred thousand unemployed – one of the worst jobless rates in the country," says Buono. On the screen attributed headlines about "soaring property taxes" and "rising tuition" flash in front of Christie's face.

She also gives a brief glimpse into her own past with picture of herself graduating from Rutgers and her father working as a butcher. Buono talks about "working my way through school" and hoping to give "every New Jersey child the same chance I got."

Christie in his commercial titled "Timeline" points out that during Corzine's term in office, Buono as the budget chairman "voted to increase taxes 23 times" and "overseeing a $13.4 billion increase in state debt" along with a loss of 240,000 jobs.

The ad also includes Buono saying, "I'm very proud of my tenure as budget chair."

Buono hits the air with her own commercials as former Governor Brendan Byrne, in a conversation with ex-Governor Tom Kean published in the Star Ledger, suggests Buono get out of the race because she is so far behind Christie in the polls and having difficulty raising campaign funds.