A rash of car thefts in Margate this winter has been made worse by residents' false sense of security, according to the town's police chief.

Twelve vehicles have been stolen this month in Margate according to Police David Wolfson, and the thieves didn't have to work very hard to get them.

“Every single one of the victims left their vehicles unlocked, had their valet keys left in the vehicle, or left their garage doors open,” Wolfson told Shore News Today.

“People need to start locking their cars and the doors to their homes, especially their garages,” Wolfson said. “It seems like everyone had a valet key stashed in their glove compartments, in the trunks of their car, making it very easy for the thieves.”

Former Margate City Commissioner Brenda Taube learned a lesson about the importance of home security after both of her families' vehicles were stolen from her residence last week.

“I guess we need to be more diligent here in Margate and make sure our cars and homes are locked up. We all feel Margate is a safe place, but we cannot continue to have a false sense of security,”

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