Serious flavors and absolute hand made freshness combine to make El Coyote Southwestern Grill a premier South Jersey eatery.

El Coyote Southwestern Grill in Egg Harbor Township - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

On Saturday, February 6th, Nancy and my administrative assistant at Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder and Lindemann, Kim Pagano, enjoyed an incredibly flavorful, wholesome culinary experience at the El Coyote Grill in Egg Harbor Township where prospective diners can call (609) 927-0004 for a reservation because people wait to enjoy the Southwestern, Native American and Spanish fusion, known popularly as Mexican food, at very reasonable prices. Bringing your own beer and wine makes the entire dining experience even more affordable.

I always start with the spicy, sweet chili - absolutely one of the best, if not the best, in the state of New Jersey. This was quickly complimented by some very cool guacamole served in its own beautifully formed flour tortilla cup.

We went on to fabulous carnitas style shredded pork, which Kim enjoyed in her burrito and I enjoyed in my 3 enchiladas covered in an original slightly sweet chocolate mole sauce.

My wife truly enjoyed the salsa verde with fresh tomatillo and green chilis. One of her favorite sauces to go with enchiladas.  She said that it was absolutely fantastic.  I tasted it and agreed you won’t get tomatillo based salsa verde at many places in New Jersey!

We enjoyed the carne asada grilled beef stuffed into lightly browned burritos known in the Southwest as “chimmichangas”.

The menu is quite extensive with house made masa sopes which are crispy fried corn masa cups stuffed with fantastic fillings including the pork carnitas, beef carne asada and flavorful chicken.  Another highlight are the South Jersey seafood dishes served South of the Border style including wonderful quesadillas stuffed with crabmeat and high quality shrimp.

It is easy to see why El Coyote Southwestern Grill at Ocean Heights Avenue and Zion Road is a place where people are willing to wait to enjoy a truly authentic taste of the Southwest right in Egg Harbor Township. They will be opening their second location at The Exchange food style court multi restaurant outlets on Jimmie Leeds Road in Pomona soon.

For reservations call 609-927-0004.

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