Bob Simon, the longtime `60 Minutes' correspondent for CBS was killed Wednesday night in a car crash in New York City. He was 73 years old.

CBS News Correspondent Bob Simon (Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images)

According to, Simon was a passenger in a livery cab traveling southbound on 12th Avenue when it rear-ended a car and struck a near 30th Street and 12th Avenue. The website has reported that at least one other person was injured in the crash.

When the Gulf War began in 1991, Simon and three colleagues were taken as prisoners by Iraqi forces. The 40 days they spent in prison prompted the journalist to write a book titled "Forty Days."

According to, Simon joined the network in 1967 as a New York-based reporter and assignment editor, "covering campus unrest and inner city riots. Simon also worked in CBS News' Tel Aviv bureau from 1977-81, and worked in Washington D.C. as the network's State Department correspondent." He spend several years covering wars, including Vietnam from 1971-72. His coverage at the end of the conflict led him to win anOverseas Press Club award award for the Best Radio Spot News.

Simon is survived by his wife, Françoise, and a daughter who is a producer for “60 Minutes.”