What better way to show off all of your summertime fun than by posting stories to your Snapchat accounts? Day after day of beach trips, pool relaxation and Jersey shore signature food is documented with the popular social media app to be seen by followers. This past weekend there was even a special story that the whole world could see of the Jersey Shore!

The best part of posting the stories isn’t always the beautiful beach scene or delicious ice cream cone but in fact is the Geofilter that you can superimpose over the picture.

For those who aren’t avid Snapchat users, a Geofilter is a custom stamp which you can add to your snaps that is unique to the area you are in. All you have to do to activate the filters is to snap the picture and swipe your screen to see if any are in the area.

Check out a few of our signature Jersey Shore filters and show us any we missed!

This blog was written by Nicole Alexander, a freelance writer at Townsquare Media Atlantic City. 

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