Governor Chris Christie supports allowing New Jersey voters to decide on whether same- sex marriages should be allowed. 

Jeff Fusco, Getty Images

"I've said all along that on this issue I am comfortable with the people of the state of New Jersey making the decision on whether gay marriage should be legal or not in this State" said Christie. "That's the right way to make this decision- that is a major societal change and that type of major societal change should be decided by the people who it's going to affect."

New Jersey Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, who sponsored a same-sex marriage bill that was passed by the Legislature last year, but then vetoed by Governor Chris Christie, will  meet behind closed doors Thursday with Senate Democrats to discuss the idea of putting the question on the November ballot.

Christie pointed out he suggested more than a year ago that the issue be put up for a vote by the people, but Democrats wouldn't agree to it, so if they do now, that's fine.

He also is absolutely confidant there aren't enough votes in the Legislature to override his veto, so that's a non-issue.