New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told David Letterman the jokes he likes best in a  preview video of the Republican's appearance on CBS' Late Show.

Governor Christie on David Letterman (CBS)

Walking on stage to Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road, Christie took a seat on a couch that was too small for him.

During the interview Christie pulled an index card out of his jacket pocket and re-told one of the jokes. "Chris Christie turned 50 today. He blew out the candles on his cake and he wished for another cake" he told a smiling Letterman.

Christie told Letterman he has a "deep and abiding love" for him despite the jokes he tells at the Governor's expense. As Dave acknowledged the many jokes he tells about Christie, the Governor pulled a donut out of his jacket and started eating, saying he found "about 40%" of the jokes funny.

Letterman did ask a serious question and asked if his family encouraged him to diet. “Every day,” Christie said. “Perhaps you might want to get smaller pants one day and then the need is to lose some weight," he joked.

Chiristie says of his health that “I’m basically the healthiest fat guy you’ve ever seen in your life,” and claims to be in  “startlingly good health.”

Super Bowl MVP and  Audubon native Joe Flacco also appeared on the show.