Chris Christie and Barbara Buono and their respective running mates are criss-crossing New Jersey in the final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday's election.

Barbara Buono visits the Fennimore Landfill in Roxbury (@BuonoForNJGov via Twitter)

The Buono campaign is sticking to its stronghold in north Jersey with appearances scheduled for both the candidate and Lt. Gov nominee Milly Silva in Union, Bergen and Passaic counties. Their only trip below I-195 is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at a Camden County Democrat rally.

Buono made an appearance at the Fenimore landfill in Roxbury and had sharp words for Christie's handling of the noxious smell there. "It seems to me very clear that it’s the (Department of Environmental Protection’s) responsibility to solve the problem it’s created," Buono said according to the Star Ledger. Residents say the Christie administration has not responded to their complaints. The governor during a stop in Parsippany told the newspaper,"What I’ve had up there is some of the best engineers in the country, and they’re now fixing the problem."

Former New York City Mayor campaigned with Christie in several north Jersey stops and said, "New Jersey has the best governor" during one stop. While not specifically encouraging a Christie run for president in 2016, he says, "There are a lot of things he can do. But right now, he’s governor."

According to the campaign website, Christie's bus tour with visit Atlantic City, OId Bridge, Keansburg, Toms River and Bridgewater on Saturday.

Hard Feelings

Chris Christie during a campaign stop with Rudy Giuliani (Facebook)

There are some hard feelings from the Buono camp over a last minute email sent by President Obama to supporters encouraging Democrats to "go out there and win an election" according to the Star Ledger.  The president has not campaigned for Buono during the campaign and was perceived as snubbing her during a May appearance in Asbury Park.

Editor Rosi Efthim criticized Obama on his website Blue Jersey for being "buddied up" with Christie during his visit. "You passed right by Senator Buono, top of our ticket in the party you lead. Didn't single her out, talk to her, even throw a word of cheer.

While he shared a podium with Christie and played boardwalk games, Buono got only a few moments shared with other Democrats after his appearence and was not mentioned during the president during his speech.

The polls open at 6 a.m. on Tuesday across New Jersey.