New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's scheduled speech at the New Jersey Women's Conference in Trenton turned into a eulogy for United States Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Word of Christie's had just broken as he took the stage. Many in attendance found out about the 89-year-old Senator's death from the governor.

Governor Chris Christie shakes hands with Senator Frank Lautenberg at a Statehouse meeting about Superstorm Sandy in November (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Without notes, Christie told the audience that It's no mystery that Sen Lautenberg and I didn't always agree," Christie told the crowd at the Trenton War Memorial. "In fact, it's probably more honest to say that we very often didn't agree" according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

He recalled that their relationship got a little better in the days after Hurricane Sandy when President Obama came to the Jersey Shore to inspect damage.
Despite their differences, Christie was respectful of Lautenberg's public service.

"In the end all of you who decided to get involved in public service should aspire to have the same things said about you and whatever role you play: That you're honest, that you're a fighter for the things you believe in, and that you gave as good as you got. All of those things can be said about Frank Lautenberg."

"I give him praise for a life well-lived. I think we'd all sign up, today, for a life like Frank Lautenberg had of 89 years of fighting, and fighting hard. He's been a great example for the people of our state, and we'll certainly miss him."

The governor, who was once challenged to a foot race by Lautenberg when Christie wondered why he was always so angry, said he would like a life of accomplishments like the Paterson native's. "He's been a great example for the people of our state, and we'll certainly miss him."

Governor Christie On Senator Lautenberg: I Give Him Praise On A Life Well Lived from Gov Chris Christie on Vimeo.