Governor Chris Christie's re-election campaign will begin airing television commercials on Thursday.

From left to right: NJ Gov. Chris Christie and Gubernatorial Candidate Sen. Barbara Buono

The Star Ledger reports the $1.5 million campaign will begin a 10-day flight of commercials on Thursday in the New York and Philadelphia markets on broadcast and cable channels, radio and online. The ads are said to have a positive tone to them.

David Turner, a spokesman for Barbara Buono, told the newspaper that Christie's support is "shallow and fading" and that "no amount of advertising will hide the fact that 400,000 people are unemployed, property taxes are up 20 percent and poverty is at a 52-year high."

The Buono campaign will be hard pressed to match Christie's advertising.  The incumbent  has raised the maximum $4.22 million the state accepts for a $2-for-$1 match under its 37-year-old public financing law.  Buono, meanwhile, has yet to reach the $380,000 threshold to qualify for public funds, a state election official says.


The Associated Press contributed to this report