A new poll finds Gov. Chris Christie’s low approval numbers dropped even lower after he endorsed Donald Trump in the race for president.

Governor Chris Christie (Governor's Office)

“Gov. Christie’s surprise backing of Donald Trump last Friday didn’t do much to curry favor with New Jersey voters,” said Krista Jenkins, the director of the Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll. “We’re finding the governor remains stuck in the low 30s in his job approval, with the vast majority, or 61 percent who voiced their disapproval of his leadership. Thirty-three percent of those who were polled before the endorsement said they approved of his job performance, however when you talk to people who were asked the same question in the days after the endorsement, approval dropped to 27 percent.”

In addition, Jenkins said “Independents were the most turned off by the Trump endorsement, a third of those asked before the endorsement offered their approval compared with only 18 percent who were asked after Governor Christie threw his support behind Trump.”

She said "you don’t have to be a rocket scientist" to figure out what this means.

“Joining forces with Donald Trump is hardly a vehicle for getting voters to reconsider their sour mood toward the governor,” Jenkins said.

She said the survey also finds that many New Jerseyans are concerned about the direction in which the state is headed.

“Only 29 percent said they’re okay with how things are going in the state, with 59 percent who believe the state is headed off the rails. This is the lowest number we’ve recorded for perceptions of the state’s health over the course of this governor’s tenure,” Jenkins said.

She also said one word stands out above others when Garden State voters were asked to describe Christie.

“That word is bully, it is offered the most often, followed by the word arrogant,” she said. “A few of the less caustic and downright positive words that were mentioned by more than just a few include things like good, okay, bad, disappointing and aggressive.”

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