State Senator Barbara Buono continues to get crushed in the race for New Jersey Governor, according to today’s Monmouth University Poll.

Barbara Buono and Chris Christie during first gubernatorial debate at William Paterson University (WCBS TV)

Among Garden State voters likely to participate in the November election, Governor Chris Christie holds a 59 to 35 percent lead over Buono, an increase from the 19 to 20-point leads held in prior Monmouth University polls.

Buono garnered support from 63 percent of fellow Democrats in the current poll; Christie earned 90 percent of support among Republicans. Independents gave the incumbent a hefty margin as well.

Buono posted a lead among black voters, 55 to 34 percent, but Christie maintained an advantage among men, women, white and Hispanic voters.

“We are looking at a potential 20 point margin in a blue state and an outright win among Hispanic voters,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “What more could a 2016 GOP presidential contender ask for?"

Murray said a major problem for Buono is that voters are still unfamiliar with her, three weeks until Election Day. A sizable number of likely voters, 38 percent, expressed no opinion of Buono. Her personal ratings were 28 percent favorable and 34 percent unfavorable.

Meanwhile, Christie posted an unfavorable rating of just 29 percent. Nearly 60 percent of likely voters continue to have a favorable opinion of Christie.

“(Buono’s) main message has been that Chris Christie is out of step on some key issues, but New Jerseyans just don’t agree with that,” Murray added.

More than 60 percent said Christie’s views on the main issues are generally in line with most New Jersey residents. A slight plurality of 40 percent said Buono’s views are out of step.