Repeating comments he made during last week's debate, Gov. Chris Christie said during Monday night's Ask The Governor program that he believes fantasy football on paid website is not gambling and shouldn't be regulated.

Christie, whose fantasy football team in 6 and 1, said he doesn't play for money or use sites such as FanDuel or Draft Kings.

During last week's GOP debate on CNBC, Christie criticized moderators when candidates were asked whether fantasy football websites should face regulation by the federal government.

Jeb Bush took the question at face value — saying he favors some sort of regulation, and prompting some laughs when he said his own fantasy football league is 7-0. Christie, however, blasted the lined of questioning, saying there were more important issues that needed to be addressed. He echoed the same sentiments during Ask The Governor when host Eric Scott asked him about fantasy football and whether it should be regulated, alluding to his comments during the debate.

"We have Russians and Iranians and Cubans in Syria, we've got the Chinese building up their military, we've got an economy that was growing at one-and-half percent nationally, and you're gonna really spend time in a two-hour debate asking us about fantasy football? Ridiculous," Christie said.

As reported last month, NJ U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman Frank Pallone are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate fantasy football betting websites like FanDuel and Draft Kings, and to enact tough new regulations to ensure they’re playing by the rules.

Pallone has argued the federal government should allow sports betting in New Jersey overall — but that at the same time, fantasy leagues should be regulated like gambling organizations to keep an even playing field. They’ve been allowed to slip through a loophole that doesn’t treat the leagues like sports betting, he said.

 Louis Hochman contributed to this story.