Gov. Chris Christie's presidential aspirations are getting another boost with more important endorsements in New Hampshire.

A day after Christie received the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader, New Hampshire Republican activists and real estate developers Renee and Dan Plummer will endorse Christie at a business luncheon in Portsmouth on Monday according to NH1. 

The Plummers are credited with helping revitalize the economy of the Portsmouth area on the state's coastline and helping to bring business and industry to the former Pease Air Force Base after it was closed in 1991.  According to Politico, they are among about 100 key New Hampshire Republicans who are well-steeped in local politics and can influence the primary vote.

The couple had many candidates, including Christie, to their Portsmouth home for dinner over the spring and summer and the opportunity to meet New Hampshire business people in a relatively small, intimate setting.

"We have a responsibility in New Hampshire for vetting these candidates, and to be fair," Renee Plummer told

Christie has spent 50 days in New Hampshire and has pinned his presidential campaign hopes on success in the state and the Iowa caucus.

The New York Times reports yet another influential Granite State Republican, former House of Representatives speaker Donna Sytek, will endorse Christie on Tuesday. She told the Times that Christie sought out her endorsement via numerous text messages.

His detailed plan to control Social Security and Medicare costs ultimately, and the lack of a plan from Sen. Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina,  won her over, she reportedly said.

"That was a deal breaker," she told the newspaper.

The Union Leader in its endorsement on Sunday wrote Christie is “the one candidate who has the range and type of experience the nation desperately needs,” and called him a “solid, pro-life conservative who has managed to govern in liberal New Jersey, face down the big public unions, and win a second term.”

“Gov. Christie can work across the aisle, but he won’t get rolled by the bureaucrats,” the Union Leader continued.

The paper's editorial said “We don’t need as president some well-meaning person from the private sector who has no public experience.”