Governor Chris Christie's next TV commercial will take a more decidedly negative tone in contrast to his first ad which touted New Jersey pride.


Screen shot from "Jersey Proud" campaign ad (YouTube)

Politico reports the ad's script of compares likely Democrat challenger Barbara Buono to his predecessor, Jon Corzine.

“Meet Barbara Buono, Jon Corzine’s budget chair and now running for governor,” the spot says. It adds, “Buono voted 154 times to raise our taxes," reads part of the ad's script.

The campaign will cost the Christie campaign $800,000 for a week-long run starting Monday accordng to Politico.

Buono is struggling to raise funds and is in danger of not receiving the maximum amount of matching funds. An NBC/Marist poll shows the incumbent still holding a two-to-one lead over Buono with a 69% approval rating. The state Senator from New Brunswick is still unknown to 57% of registered voters despite $2million worth of TV ads run by the lliberal group One New Jersey critical of Christie.

Christie's first ad was titled "Jersey Proud" and connected his first term success to being from New Jersey.