New  Jersey Governor Chris Christie made another appearance on Jimmy Fallon's late night NBC show on Friday night.

Governor Christie with Jimmy Fallon (YouTube)

It was the briefest of his appearances on the show coming during his "Thank You Notes" segment.

As James "Kamal" Gray of the Roots played quietly, Fallon took pen to paper and wrote a note to Christie thanking him winning a second term this week and "going back for seconds."

He also thanked the White House for sending Vice President Joe Biden to Japan, China and South Korea in December, Pamela Anderson for running the New York marathon ("which must have been very difficult in slow motion"), Red Sox Mike Napoli for walking around Boston without a shirt on after the team's World Series win a second note to Christie for proving that "whenever you run it ends in a landslide."

As Fallon seals the envelope, Christie comes out from behind a stage curtain to cheers and a look of surprise from Fallon and takes his thank you note. A serious looking Christie puts his hand on Fallon's shoulder and says, "you're welcome" and leaves the stage.