Governor Chris Christie made a guest appearance on NBC's Saturday Night Live to make fun of his Hurricane Sandy fleece.

Governor Chris Christie on Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Sitting at the Weekend Update desk, Christie joked that the jacket is fused to his skin, and he even wears suits over it. “I’m gonna die in this fleece,” he said.

Christie chided Update anchor Seth Meyers to "get the wax out of his ears" when he repeated Christie's comment that New Jerseyans are "known for their patience." Meyers, concerned he and the Governor were getting off on the wrong foot, said his mood was "nice." But when Meyers felt comfortable Christie asked if they were on a "first date."

Then came the fleece jokes. After thanking the Red Cross and relief workers for their efforts in the Sandy cleanup, he thanked his wife Mary Pat Christie for putting up with her husband "who has smelled like wet fleece for the past 3 weeks."

Meyers raised Christie's ire when he complimented him on the fleece, pounding the desk and telling Meyers to "stop saying things I've already said."

Christie also got another shot in at Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford by saying he did not want to thank “stupid mayors who ignored my evacuation orders. You're idiots...who look like Seth Meyers." Christie also said  there was no need for reporters who walked with cameras into the middle of the hurricane. "We  have windows!" he exclaimed.

He said there was no need for getting upset at the long gas ines, calling screaming at gas stations "a New Jersey tradition." But, said Christie, "you don't do it during a crisis."

Christie ended his appearance with "line from a famous New Jersey poet" and  quoted from Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic CIty. "Everything dies baby, that's a fact. But everything that dies one day comes back. Put your makeup on, put your hair up pretty. And meet me tonight in Atlantic City." Meyers said he wouldn't call Springsteen a poet, and Christie agreed, calling him "a saint."

Ironically, during a Friday press conference, Christie was concerned that his saying "Twinkie" behind the microphone at a press conference would result in a Saturday Night Live sketch.