Gov. Chris Christie is probably accustomed to hearing Bridgegate jokes wherever he goes. But actor Joel McHale, hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night, may have raised the bar for carefully researched Bridgegate comedy.

In a standup routine you can catch on YouTube, the star of NBC's "Community" managed to cram several months of evolving Christie positions on the George Washington Bridge lane closings into one deadly spoof:

Gov. Christie at the White House Correspondents Dinner (YouTube)

“I’m sorry for that joke, Gov. Christie. I didn’t know I was going to tell it, but I take full responsibility for it. Whoever wrote it will be fired. But the buck stops here, so I will be a man and own up to it, just as soon as I get to the bottom of how it happened, because I was unaware it happened until just now,” McHale said. “I am appointing a blue-ribbon commission of me to investigate the joke I just told and if I find any wrong-doing on my part I assure you I will be dealt with. I just looked into it. It turns out I’m not responsible for it. Justice has been served.”

After he finished, McHale added: "He's going to kill me."

But the governor, sitting with wife Mary Pat as a guest of CNN, appeared to take it all in stride. According to a  tweet  from Washington Post managing editor Kevin Merida, Christie told him,  "Listen, baby, it's better to be relevant than ignored,"