Gov. Chris Christie (R) was kicked off the quiet car on an Amtrak train Sunday morning en route to New York for an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation," according to Gawker.

The website said Christie, with a McDonald's smoothie in his hand, began yelling at two members of his security detail over a mix-up in seating. He then started making phone calls and continued to speak loudly before being asked by a conductor to quiet down or leave the car, the report says, quoting another passenger.

Christie campaign spokesman Sam Smith issued an apology tweeted by CNN's Ashley Killough, explaining that the governor took a seat on a "very full train" from Washington by accident.

State senator Ray Lesniak didn't miss an opportunity to politicize the incident on his Twitter  account.

Christie is scheduled to be in Boulder, Col. for the next GOP presidential debate on Wednesday night which airs on MSNBC.

At least one person, however, claims the Gawker report was inaccurate, claiming that although she's not exactly a Christie fan, the governor actually was very courteous.