Governor Chris Christie went to Seaside Heights on Thursday night to see the devastating boardwalk fire in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park first hand.

Governor Chirstie being briefed about the boardwalk fire (@GovChristie via Twitter)

Flames broke out at the Kohr's Custard stand at Funtown Pier on Thursday afternoon and quickly spread north with big plumes of smoke billowing into the air that were so dense they were picked up by weather radar.

A trench dug into the boardwalk at Lincoln Avenue was able to stop the fire from continuing north but the Funhouse Pier and an iconic 100-year-old carousel that survived Sandy both fell into the ocean.

"When I got my first full briefing on the fire in Seaside, I told my staff I felt like I could throw up," said the governor speaking at the Seaside Heights fire station after being briefed about the situation.

"This is obviously an unthinkable situation. Right now we have firefighters and trucks from all around NJ working together," said Christie, who added that 400 first responders were in Seaside with more on the way. He asked that people stay away from the Seaside Heights and Seaside Park area.


He said that firefighters were hampered by problems getting enough water to battle the fire partially because of problems created by Superstorm Sandy. Water would be drawn in from Barnegat Bay to help put down the flames.

He also knocked down rumors of threats to gas lines in the area and said he wouldn't be standing there if there were any threats to gas.

Christie struck a hopeful tone that Seaside Heights would comeback from the fire. "This is New Jersey. As soon as this is over, we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back to work."